Conference discussion forum of DK News about the treatment of chronic disease by micronutrients

Speaking about the benefits of this nutrient, Dr. Smaïl Meziani, President of the European Institute of Antioxidants, noted that one of the advantages of the use of nutrients and trace elements as therapeutic lay in the reduction of side effects contrary to other drugs.

He also introduced, exclusively, an innovative machine that could measure the amount of free radicals in biological fluids and thus to administer, therefore, dietary supplements (vitamins), adapted to the pathological situation.

With a view to prevent diseases that are ravaging the world (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infertility,…) and the effectiveness of treatments applied in the past, the European Institute of Antioxidants present exclusively at the International Congress of Orthomolecular Medicine its new technology for the assessment of oxidative stress in biological fluids and tissues (blood and its fractions, saliva, seminal fluid, follicular and skin).

The European Institute of Antioxidants in the heart of the medical sector

The CCI 54 and Lorraine Medical Industries, association about thirty regional companies in the medical community, have dedicated their latest “Encounters Innovation” at the Institut Européen des Antioxydants. Greeted by Smaïl MEZIANI and Stéphane DESOBRY, the participants, on January 23, were able to visit the institute and discover more specifically PAOT process for defining the unique index of total antioxidant power.

Announcing himself as a revolution in computing and determining dosages of antioxidants, both in medical terms, pharmaceutical, food… this process is likely to be an element for the economic development of the Lorraine region.