Antioxidant power analysis

The IEA has developed the PAOT® index, (in the process of being approved in Europe), which makes it possible to measure the Total Antioxidant Power of a substance and to establish a common scale allowing the comparison of the antioxidant properties of the products of ‘the same range’.

The activity of the IEA consists to promoting know-how in terms of characterizing the antioxidant potential of active ingredients or preparations in view to potential applications as well as recommending antioxidant molecules suitable for the formulation of a product.

There are many methods for determining the antioxidant activity of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food preparations. The IEA offers you a pool of methods to evaluating the antioxidant potential that are mastered and currently recognized (DPPH, TEAC / ABTS, ORAC, FRAP, TRAP, TOSC, CL, PCL, etc.), as well other methods on demand.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, the IEA has developed the PAOT® Index (“Total Anti- Oxidant Power”, currently being standardized in Europe), which makes it possible to characterize the total antioxidant power of products.

The PAOT® index developed by the IEA will allow you to:

  • Justify, with an indisputable benchmark, the claims concerning the manfactured products
  • Optimize the dosing of your antioxidants when developing products (efficiency, ingredient costs)
  • Make a quality control of your products
  • Allow to objectively classify the different matrices by their antioxidant power
  • Certify claims (Health, Nutrition) on your packaging

PAOT® Index

A common scale is necessary to compare products from the same range: indeed, we cannot compare an apple with a vitamin C tablet.
The IEA offers a variable scale per family of products called the PAOT® index: a scale of 0 -1000 for basic ingredients like pure vitamin C and 0-100 scales for natural or manufactured products.

Currently, the IEA provides calibrated scales for basic ingredients like pure vitamins, raw products, nutraceuticals, processed food products, cosmetic creams and oils.

On request, we can work on the calibration of a specific balance for other types of products.

PAOT® label

In order to facilitate the comparison of products from the same family, the IEA can also offer a PAOT® Label for demanding professionals or specialized associations.

The objective of this labeling is to give the consumer the assurance that the product really contains enough antioxidants and is really active in the body.

In practice, this type of certification can allow manufacturers to position the antioxidant quality of their product compared to other competitors.

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