Antioxidant marketing arguments of a product

The IEA has developed 2 labeling systems for the antioxidant properties of a product: the PAOT Liquid® label for in-vitro tests and the PAOT Skin® label for in-vivo tests

The mission of the IEA is to support professionals in the food industry, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics by providing them with consulting in the field of antioxidants and the definition of arguments for the formulated products (bibliographic studies, publications, patents, tests and certification…).

For effective communication, one’s needs to master the regulations, analyze the strategy of his main competitors and be able to compare himself by highlighting the specific advantages of his product.

Marketing communication on antioxidants is set by regulation and has a strict framework that must be complied with.

Our product database and our regulatory summaries by field of application (agri-food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics), allow you to take stock and better understand the requirements and expectations in terms of antioxidants in force for your business field.

PAOT® label

In order to facilitate the comparison of products within the same range, the IEA has developed a PAOT® Label for demanding professionals or specialized associations.

The objective of this certifying labeling is to give the consumer the assurance that the product really contains enough antioxidants and is really active in the body.

In practice, this type of certification can allow manufacturers to position the antioxidant quality of their product compared to other competitors.

In vitro and in vivo studies for the certification of products with antioxidant properties

A remarkable characteristic of the PAOT® index is that it makes it possible to establish a universal standard for measuring the antioxidant power of a given product.

The PAOT® index characterizes the total antioxidant power of products, which makes it possible to compare the antioxidant power of products with each other.

There are currently two versions of this index: one for in vitro measurements and comparisons, the other for in vivo measurements and comparisons, in particular for the bioavailability of antioxidants in the body.

Fully mastering the entire range of delicate methods of scientific measurements, in vitro and in vivo, of the antioxidant potential of a plant or a product, the IEA can thus propose a system of labels which guarantees its effective presence, (and in what quantity), as well as bioavailability.

As such, the IEA laboratory is able to offer manufacturers who so request a labeling of their products with a calibration of their total oxidizing power with respect to a scale defined for the same family of comparable products.

Two labeling systems are possible

An in vitro label of total oxidizing power thanks to the use of PAOT® Liquid technology: called the Oxidizing Protection Index (IPO) or Oxidizing Protection Factor (FPO) by analogy with the well-known Sun Protection Factor (SPF) used with sunscreens.

The FPO index measures the ability of a matrix to fight against oxidative stress. It is equal to the total antioxidant content of a matrix in a container.

In vitro labeling with PAOT® Liquid technology is available in the form of a logo with one to five green cells depending on the total antioxidant power of the product tested.

An in vivo label of the bioavailability of oxidants in the body thanks to the use of PAOT® Skin technology with a protocol of several measurements spread over a defined period.
Indeed, while some food supplements or products may contain high amounts of antioxidants, they are not all absorbed by the body. In technical terms, antioxidants can have different levels of bioavailability in the body.

The in vitro test is therefore not perfect, as it does not say how much of the antioxidants one consumes is actually available for use in the body.

The in vivo labeling obtained with PAOT® Skin technology is available in three labels Gold, Silver and Bronze, according to the measured performance of the bioavailability of oxidants.

The PAOT® labels allow consumers to have confidence that the product they want to buy does indeed contain antioxidants that are actually active on the body in enough quantity.

The PAOT® labels also allow the concerned manufacturers to communicate on the sincerity and quality of their products through certification issued by an independent laboratory.

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