Evaluate the antioxidant effectiveness of your formulas

Antioxidants are of particular interest to the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries who wish to know the functioning of the molecules present in a product, to determine the exact dosage of antioxidants in the preparations, to optimize future products or to identify the polyphenol molecules with the beneficial effects to health.

A word from the management

The European Institute of Antioxidants (IEA) masters all the scientific methods to measuring (in vivo and in vitro) the antioxidant potential for a plant, an animal, the human being or a manufactured product intended for food. or when applied to the body.

We can help manufacturers determine the antioxidant profile of a preparation, characterize new antioxidant molecules for potential applications, and identify molecules specifically suited to a product formulation.

The IEA laboratories are able to handle all your requests:

  • Evaluation of the antioxidant power of your formulas
  • Assay, characterization and identification of your molecules
  • Formulation and optimization of antioxidants for your products
  • Argumentation on the antioxidant content for the marketing of a product
  • Study of the bioavailability of your active molecules
  • Specific clinical, physicochemical or cellular studies

The center of the European Institute of Antioxidants is approved under the Research Tax Credit (CIR) regulation. The amount of the costs incurred for research allows to a research tax credit.


Our services

Assay, Characterization, Identification
The IEA laboratory brings you reliable and rare expertise in the analysis of the antioxidant activity of your substances and products: identification of molecules and active ingredients, characterization of their antioxidant properties, dosage (quantity of material, fraction, concentration) and calibration with its PAOT Index (Total Anti-Oxidant Power) which is the subject of a patent.
Product formulation
The IEA is the essential R&D partner you need to improve your existing products or to design and develop new products with precise and proven antioxidant properties. From the specifications, to the recommendation of antioxidant molecules, from the first laboratory tests to the industrialization phase, we provide the expertise and experience necessary to boost the efficiency of your development process.
Antioxidant power analysis
The IEA has developed PAOT Index&reg for characterizing the total antioxidant power of products. This index makes it possible to compare the antioxidant power of products with each other. There are 2 versions: one for in vitro measurements and comparisons, the other for in vivo measurements and comparisons, in particular to measuring the bioavailability of antioxidants in the body. Fully mastering the entire range of delicate methods of scientific in vitro and in vivo measurements of the antioxidant potential of a plant or a product, the IEA laboratory can also offer a labeling system for your products.
Antioxidant argument
How to compare the antioxidant properties between several products? How to assert the superiority of the antioxidant activity of one product over another? How to argue the antioxidant properties of its product to consumers? These are difficult questions that the IEA knows how to answer with its technologies and its experience in the field. We are able to offer manufacturers who so request a labeling of their products with a calibration of their total oxidizing power.
Bioavailability studies

If you want to know the bioavailability of the active ingredients (antioxidants) in your different matrices or understand their absorption kinetics through biological barriers to reach the blood circulation, the IEA provides you with various tools such as the CACO cell model -2 (EX VIVO).

The tools developed within the IEA (in vitro, ex vivo) make it possible to predict the absorption and behavior of active ingredients (antioxidants) in vivo.

Clinical, physicochemical and cellular studies
The IEA laboratory has the unique ability to conduct specific studies at the clinical, physicochemical and cellular levels (in-vivo, in-vitro and ex-vivo studies). For example, we can conduct biochemical studies or analysis of genetic regulation, clinical studies on the health pathologies of oxidative stress, studies on skin aging or cognitive decline, studies of the impact of a diet supplemented with antioxidants for targeted populations such as athletes or amateurs, the elderly, etc.


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