Formulation of products with antioxidant properties

Aid in the formulation of cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, food products and supplements with proven antioxidant properties for better health and better skin (fight against oxidative stress)

To improve an existing product or develop a new product enriched in antioxydants, the IEA team , with its experience in formulation (agri-food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals), supports you throughout the development of formulas, from the first laboratory tests to during the industrialization phase to develop products with the specific final properties sought and meeting the requirements of your functional specifications, with the necessary security and stability.

Our database brings together the main active molecules used by professionals. We can therefore recommend molecules (antioxidants) adapted to your formulation, thus accelerating their development in a more efficient way.

  • The tools developed in recent years within the IEA will allow you to validate the efficiency and predict the bioavailability of the active molecules in the final formulation.
  • The objective of the IEA experts is to understand the relationships that exist between the process applied and the biological activity of the biomolecules used (emulsion, liposome, micelle, etc.).

The formulation involves several scientific disciplines: physics, physicochemistry, chemistry, biology, economic and social sciences, human sciences, etc.

The development of a product, its safety and its stability require numerous preliminary tests and a careful examination of the biological environment on which it will exert its effects.

For example, in the field of cosmetic formulation, it is the knowledge of the skin, of its reactions to chemical attacks, to light, to oxidation, etc., which makes it possible to define the nature of the substances which must enter in the composition of active mixtures.

Our researchers rely on a database of some 4,000 molecules with proven antioxidant activity, a perfect knowledge of the regulatory framework specific to each field of application, a constant technological watch and a systematic analysis of the strategies of the main competitors.

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