International Conference on orthomolecular medicine

With 12 seminars to his credit, the SANMO already received 17 international guests who intend to organize on 24-25 January 2014 at the National Training Institute Ben Aknoun, a symposium that will have the presence the President of the IEuropean Institute of Antioxidants, Dr. Smail Meziani, and with the participation of international speakers: :

  • Pr Gilbert Henri CRUSSOL – Spain
  • Pr Thomas Edward LEVY – USA
  • Pr Atsuo YANAGISAWA – Japon
  • Pr George BIRKMAYER – Japan
  • Dr Heidi THOMASBERGER – Austria
  • Pr Hafida Merzouk of University of Tlemcen
  • Pr Mustapaha Oumouna of University of Médéa
  • Pr Chafika Mehdid of University of Alger
Alimentation saine

The radio interview Lorraine France blue, with the journalist Laurent Watrin, about the European Institute of Antioxidants.

Based on 10 years of experience, the launch of the IEA activities took place on September 2, 2013. Since those early days, the site was made available, revealing the brand image very dynamic and professional arguments of EIA…

The EIA was born under the best auguries for large industrial and many institutions already support.