Serious case in COVID-19 patients: a scientific study highlights oxidative stress and confirms the solution proposed by the European Antioxidant Institute

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, research conducted by the European Antioxidant Institute (IEA), the CHU of LIÈGE and in May 2020, soon demonstrated the absence of a real antioxidant solution in COVID-19 patients, especially those in intensive care. This is a phenomenon that creates and increases oxidative stress, a real factor in the aggravation of patients’ state of health.

Faced with this situation, the team of the European Institute of Antioxidants and led by Dr. Smail MEZIANE, alerted the population to the need to cope with oxidative stress through a varied and balanced diet capable of providing the cells with micro-nutrients rich in vitamin C.

Thanks to the Technology PAOT™, the IEA is supporting several patients suffering from COVID-19 and fragile people with advice and expertise in the study of antioxidants in partnership with the CHU of LIÈGE.

The objective of the European Antioxidant Institute through its recommendations is to enable the human organism to be reinforced in essential nutrients, capable of avoiding cell fragility to better resist the attacks of pathogens, in particular the SARS-CoV- 2 virus.

Below is the scientific study carried out by the IEA and the CHU of LIÈGE which confirms the relevance of the monitoring of Oxydative Stress by the method PAOT™ developed by