Eureka Portal welcomes EIA launch

Eureka, the portal of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in Lorraine, cites on its website, the launch of IEA dated January 20, 2014

EIA: an analysis, and consulting platform antioxidants

Created in 2013, the European Institute of Antioxidants works for a better understanding and control of these molecules in vogue among manufacturers. The young company, resulting from the academic research and hosted by the University of Lorraine, offers a unique expertise in the world.

We are the first in the world to provide a comprehensive response in the area of ​​antioxidants, “says Dr. Smaïl Meziani. In recent months, the researcher has a new position as head of the company. Backed by ENSAIA, the young man presides over the IEA, the European Institute of Antioxidants. A structure born of an observation: “If antioxidants are becoming more and more popular, especially in the field of cosmetic products which regularly sell effects , nothing and no one was able to measure their effectiveness or quantify”. A real problem when we know that, if they are too measured, these molecules can have the opposite effect to that intended. “A real danger”, judges Dr. Smail Meziani.